Bosch Automotive

STC environment branding

As Bosch continued to roll-out its new brand corporate design, Purple Frog Creative received a commission to interpret the styling and apply it to the Automotive Service Training Centre in Uxbridge, creating areas of engagement and interest for its many visitors.

With a fairly blank canvas and a new more vibrant colour palette from the guidelines, we were able to break up some of the larger areas with feature walls and colourful relevant imagery.  It also provided an opportunity to include large messages about all things Automotive.

Each of the 4 training rooms was given its own colour and identity which along with additional directional signage helps with navigation around the building.

We also included door and cupboard wraps to add more colour and personality to some of the areas.

The result is a clean, fresh and modern feel, creating clear differentiation between all of the areas whilst adhering to the new corporate design, bringing this building bang up to date!

Calling all creatives

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